MMCRU Diploma: (51 credits)

Required: Math 6 credits (8th grade Algebra will not count for high school credit but will fulfill the Algebra I required course), English 8 credits, Science 6 credits, Social Studies 6 credits, PE 4 credits, Health 2 credits, Guidance 1 credit,

Workplace Readiness 1 credit, Personal Finance 1 credit

Required: 35 credits Elective: 16 credits

**All students will be required to take 7 credits per semester

Graduation Requirements

-Math: Required Courses: Algebra I, Geometry Electives: Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Statistics, Business Math

-English: Required Courses: English 9, English 10, English 11, English 12 or Composition I/II Electives: Writing I, Writing II, Journalism, Introduction to Literature, Modern Literature, World Literature, Creative Writing

-Science: Required Courses: General Science, Biology Electives: Chemistry, Physics, Integrated Physics, Environmental Science, Anatomy

-Social Studies: Required Courses: World History, U.S. History, Government Electives: Economics, AP U.S. History, Early U.S. History, World Geography I/II, People and History I/II, Current Issues, Civics, The World Wars

-Guidance: Required: Careers 1 credit (1/4 credit per year enrolled) -Business: Required: Workplace Readiness 1 credit, Personal Finance 1 credit

-Physical Education Required: PE (4 credits), Health (2 credits) Must be enrolled each semester in school (unless given an academic waiver & participate in a sport)