Not acceptable service list:
  • Doing chores at home
  • Attending church and Sunday School
  • Babysitting for younger siblings
  • Working on the farm
  • Completing any task for which you receive money
  • Doing extra credit homework
  • Doing extra curricular activities
  • Court order community service
  • Task assigned as disciplinary action
  • Visiting an elderly relative
  • Minor acts of kindness (holding a door open)
  • Working for a PROFIT organization for free
Silver Cord

The MMCRU High School would like to encourage all students to participate in the community as productive citizens. Considering the needs of our communities for volunteer services, we believe the student is able to earn hours toward his/her cord while fulfilling the community needs. The action of volunteering can build a better tomorrow by benefitting students and their community.

College admission forms, scholarship applications, and resumes may ask for community service information, so this program will not only benefit our school and community, but also the student. Many students are already volunteering their time and service, so this is an opportunity to keep track of their volunteer hours.

There are many opportunities that can fulfill the volunteer service requirements, but to avoid any misunderstandings, please ask for approval of your project or service recommendation prior to completion if it is not on the list.

Service hours need to be recorded on the silver cord form by the student and supervisor. It is recommended that the student complete an average of 50 service hours each school year and seek a variety of services to broaden the experiences. Submission of the form is due by the end of each semester to Mrs. Schroeder.